Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

Samsung Galaxy A71 review, smartphone market competition in the middle class can be said to be very tight in early 2020. The reason is, this market is seen as very potential so that the brand that was reluctant to glance, now it is tempting. Samsung has become one of the big brand that is seriously competing in this market by releasing its newest entry, the Samsung Galaxy A71.

In the midst of the rapid development of mobile gaming trends, the performance of a smartphone at this time became one of the main considerations. Therefore, many people now don't hesitate to buy a device at a high price even for the best quality.

The good news, Galaxy A71 is able to meet the need for excellent performance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset that appears as expected. The quality is indeed not exactly at the extreme level like cellphone flagship, but still able to appear stable.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review By Neng Tech

When we try to play Free Fire with maximum graphics options, this smartphone also appears flawless. Everything feels smooth without making the phone feel hot, even with the High FPS alias high-frame rate (HFR). Garena as the publisher also highly recommends Galaxy A71 as your best friend to play Free Fire.

In addition, the Galaxy A71 also comes with a choice of 8GB RAM which is fairly high in its class. The amount of RAM also makes this phone can be relied upon for multitasking matters in daily activities such as the internet or taking pictures. Especially now that live streaming is trending so that those of you who like to make content can play while recording without obstacles.

Samsung Galaxy a71 Battery Performance

Samsung Galaxy A71 is reinforced with a jumbo capacity battery, which is 4, 500 mAh. Not only large, the battery can also be relied upon for speeding with the support of fast charging aka fast charging 25 W.

We can also say the results of the trial are very satisfying. Galaxy A71 can last around 5 hours from full battery to low bat when playing heavyweight games like Free Fire. Charging power can also be relied upon with a charging time of about 1. 5 to 2 hours from low bat to full.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Screen

AMOLED screen on the Galaxy A71 can also be said to be its own advantages for this cellphone to compete in the mid range class. The reason is, not only displays detailed and clear colors, AMOLED screens also have frames per second (FPS) and faster response times so it supports perfect visual display when playing games.

Galaxy A71 will make you even more satisfied with the wide dimension 6. 7 inch screen with a ratio of 20: 9 and screen resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. This figure is slightly higher than the cell phone in its class which is only able to appear on a 19. 5: 9 screen ratio with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels.

Not only look beautiful with wide dimensions, the satisfaction of playing will rise to the level with the AMOLED screen's power efficiency. Because, this type of screen is more power saving up to 10 times compared to IPS type LCD screens. So, you don't need to be afraid of running out of battery because the screen just saves power.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera

Not only perform optimally on performance and power, the Galaxy A71 also feels special thanks to the camera with the new format that it carries. The reason is this smartphone comes with a four-camera format consisting of one wide main lens (64 MP), ultrawide lens (12 MP), macro lens (5 MP), and bokeh lens (5 MP).

The presence of a 5 MP macro lens can be said to be the best improvement from the previous series. The reason is, this lens makes the image can be captured in more detail, especially from very close distances. The bokeh effect this time feels more natural in close-up shooting.

The front camera is also not disappointing. Although it cannot be compared to the experience of a rotary camera on the Galaxy A80, the Galaxy A71 selfie camera is still capable of displaying clear looking photos. The camera also supports the HDR feature so that it can make images more detailed.

In addition, there are some important features that make the Galaxy A71 worthy of being considered in the mid range class. Such as the fingerprint sensor on the screen and the Dolby Atmos audio system, a premium feature that usually appears in the flagship class. Likewise, an external memory slot outside the slot for two SIM cards makes this phone more flexible for storing games, movies, and other important data.